Trust PFC Botev
Trust Professional Football Club Botev

Trust Professional Football Club Botev is the legal successor of the old football club Botev, founded in March 1912 in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv.

The main purpose of our organization is to be the keeper of the history and the traditions of Botev and to be a strong and active connection between the football club and its fans.
Trust Professional Football Club Botev is a member of the Bulgarian football union, owns a minor share in Botev Plovdiv football club and possesses the legal rights of its current historical logo.

The membership in the Trust is open to any fan of Botev, after paying the annual fee.

Each member has the right to vote and to participate in all initiatives raised by Trust Professional Football Club Botev, which are mainly focused on the yellow-black community and its values.

The trust has a management board that consists of 5 members – Boris Gizdakov, Daniel Argilashki, Georgi Vlahkinov, Rangel Mutafchiiski and Teodor Bochev, with a chairman – Boris Gizdakov.

For questions related to membership, initiatives, donations, additional information or anything else, you can write an email to: